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Tracking — What’s It All About

Tracking. It’s the nervous system of your CPA business. Without tracking, you will have no data. Without data, you’ll have no way of knowing what’s working for your campaigns and what isn’t. You’ll have no way of making things profitable, and you’ll just be throwing your money away into a bottomless pit. If you’re going to be successful with CPA, it’s absolutely crucial that you have a tracking system in place and that you know how to use it.

In the following posts, I’ll be going over the basics of tracking. I’ll cover all the terms that you need to know and I’ll explain the different types of tracking links. Then I’ll go over the different options you have for getting your own tracking system up and running. Lastly, I’ll talk about several different ways you can link up your tracking system and your affiliate network so they can communicate conversion data with each other.

Start here, with an explanation of the most common tracking terms.

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